Citizen Astronomers Collaborative

Welcome to the Citizen Astronomers Collaborative (CAC)

The Citizen Astronomers Collaborative (CAC) is a 501-C3 organization. The purpose of the organization is to promote astronomical outreach and education to the general public and to further research in the areas of exoplanet, and cataclysmic variable photometry, and spectroscopy.

The Goals of the Citizen Astronomers Collaborative

    The Collaborative energetically serves to:
  • Establish a network of amateur astronomers for observing, analyzing, discovering, and assessing new exoplanets and variable stars.
  • Advance the field of astronomy through education and collaboration.
  • Provide education on tools and techniques for citizen astronomers to make discoveries in astronomy.
  • Promote communication and discussion of discoveries made by citizen astronomers through the network.
  • Enable citizen astronomers to publish their work.